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Deep typing games have one New revised edition It was announced by “Mombasa” by Alexander Pfister. The strategy game has received many awards, including German Game Award 2016. However, due to its criticism of its colonial theme, a different setting was chosen for the new edition: It Goes to the Moon! Several units, campaign mode, single mode and alternate game plan have been added for more variety.

Supposedly “Skymines” September 2022 It appears in Deep Print Games and Pegasus Games. In addition to Alexander Pfister, Viktor Kobilke is also on the box as an author, who has already edited “Mombasa” in Eggertspiele and is now part of Deep Print Games. Illustrations by Javier Inkgolm. The game is for 1 to 4 people aged 12 and over.

This is what the game is about:

Fifty years ago, mankind began mining for resources on the moon and many asteroids, and for decades the task was in the hands of the world government. But turmoil in recent years has led to the collapse of the remote mining network. Now enterprising companies and financially strong individuals are seizing the lucrative opportunity to revive it. As a private business person, you try to earn more CrypCoin than other players over the course of seven rounds. You can do this by investing the raw materials you have mined in the most promising space companies and making sure that they expand with their outposts. In addition, you can increase your revenue by supporting research and building valuable reserves of helium-3.

The heart of “Skymines” has a special place Card MechanismWhich depends on smart planning for your business. Since you can freely invest in each of the four companies, there is plenty of room for exciting interaction. And since each company’s special abilities change from game to game, you can discover a variety of different synergies and strategies.


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