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Written by Hanja Schluth, dated .

Currently working at Forge game Campaign for the German version of the successful Kickstarter “Radlands” by Daniel Bechnik. The campaign is already successful. You can read our review of the English version of the two-player game here.

This is what the game is about

“Radlands” is a competitive game for players ages 14 and up by previous author Magic: The Gathering with a playing time of 20-40 minutes.

In a post-apocalyptic world, water is a rare commodity, and you’ll need to use your cards to the best of your ability to take advantage of their synergy to win duels.

the campaign

If you are 47 EUR Contribute to the Radlands campaign, you will receive Deluxe German Edition. This includes a magnetic box, high-quality watermarks and of course the cards, which, like the English version, are printed on a special material that makes them very strong.

to 65 euros Come neoprene play rug to. At the moment, the text on these mats is in English, and it will only be translated from 600 groups. (As of May 4, 2022: 237 groups).

As usual, other games can be purchased through sponsorship. Here you have to choose from “The Warp”, “Maximum Apocalypse: Blasted Lands” and “Scarface”.

Delivery of ‘Radlands’ is scheduled for October 2022. No backers shipping from Germany.

With those who just got Golden Jake Awards “Radlands” has 1st place as the best two-player game Link.

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