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iPhone users are complaining about strange bugs

iPhone users are complaining about strange bugs

Who’s on iPhone Apple Music app Installed, you may have noticed some rather strange behavior. Because Apple’s in-house app proves itself in many cases Right in the dock From the iPhone and not on the home screen, as it really should be.

If the Apple Music app is nested in the dock without the user having to do anything, it becomes just any other app kicked out of the dockTo make room for the Apple app.

In addition, according to some iPhone users, Apple Music is automatically activated after a fresh installation default music app. If Spotify was previously set as the default music app, this app will quickly be replaced by Apple Music.

Not all iPhone models are affected

Now one might think that Apple prefers its own apps and tries to force its internal services on iPhone users. But in this case there are some arguments against one reproach. Many actually refer to one Error there.

For example, file Safari app or the camera app I got out of the dock to make room for Apple Music. Also, strange behavior occurs Not on all iPhone models Also not on all iOS versions. In this regard, not all iPhone users are affected by the error.