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Breaking up with Andrea and Michael!

Breaking up with Andrea and Michael!

Old love never grows old – or does it?

Marco Fritsche's (48th) results were also bad last year. The only “Farmer, Single, Looking” couple was officially still together after the finale. And now this too…

As the farmer Andrea (45 years old) from the canton of Solothurn announced, she had separated from Hofer Michael (57 years old).

Andrea and the Cologne native were already a couple before the show. Then Michael left Andrea from day to day. In “Farmer, Single, Looking” he begged for a second chance — and got it.

Conflicts arose repeatedly during farm week. Reason: Michael wanted to travel the world. He planned for four months – among other things, he wanted to go to Cuba and Vietnam. This was a big problem for Andrea. It doesn't handle distance well.

At the graduation party “Farmer, Single, Looking”, the 45-year-old revealed: Michael decided for her and against the trip. “That was great of him. I trust him a lot now.” The two currently divide their time between Switzerland and Germany.

Andrea offers a sad update on Facebook: She and Michael have broken up — this time for good, it seems. “Unfortunately, life doesn't always go the way we want. “Unfortunately, sometimes love alone is not enough,” the farmer’s wife wrote. “About a year after Michael's sudden breakup, I suddenly left Munich. “Sometimes there are simply issues that cannot be reconciled.”

Andrea doesn't want to reveal her exact topic. Just this much: “Unfortunately, Michael can't give me what I fundamentally need in my life. The different attitudes toward the relationship were already evident in the summer.

She wishes her ex-lover “from the bottom of her heart to find his match where he feels understood.” “It breaks my heart, but sometimes the mind has to be stronger.”

She appeals to fans of the song “Bauer, Single, Sucht”: “Please do not judge too harshly… I am suffering a lot and I am sure Michael is suffering too.”