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Brandenburg footballer Janine Ribgoth finished fourth at the World Games

Brandenburg footballer Janine Ribgoth finished fourth at the World Games

In the top 16, she also beat Swede 2-0 (217-208 and 204-200), in the quarter-final against her rival Singapore 2-1 (206-247; 208-182 and 258-181). The latter was a surprising victory because the opponent is currently considered one of the best players in the world. In the final, Janine lost to the Colombian 2-1 (201-181; 180-215 and 224-205) and finally the small final for third place against the Swede 2-1 (268-172; 245-248 and 230-206). So in the end it remained a ungrateful fourth in the singles.

In doubles, Janine Ribgoth and her partner from Schleswig-Holstein were eliminated in the first round by the World Games winners from Denmark.

“My first world game was an adventurous experience and a great new experience that I was able to take with me. Arcade stripping might be good for beginners and in the entertainment sector, but not suitable for the professional sector. Sometimes bowling is a game of ‘of chance.” But with chains, the number of Too many games in the luck factor that didn’t exist with ‘free-fall pins.’ Many hits and clearances (especially so-called splits) fell with the help of strings. Many games would have ended differently without the chains,” Janine Ribgoth is convinced.

In the professional field, the game was first played on “strip lanes” (which can be compared to hanging skittles). Eight tracks were installed in the exhibition hall.

The World Games were held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA for the eleventh time. About 3,600 athletes from more than 100 countries competed for medals in 34 sports. Germany fielded 254 athletes in 30 of the 34 sports.

Bowling combines many things: fitness, accuracy and tactics. Janine has to train in many ways for this. She exercises twice a week in the corridor of her home at the bowling center in Genthine. Fitness training is carried out in her hometown of Brandenburg an der Havel. The 33-year-old from Brandenburg has been playing for Wolfsburg for 11 years so she can play in the Bundesliga. She has been bowling at a club since 1997.

In preparation for the World Games, Janine played many different tournaments. Among other things, the German championship in mixed, doubles and singles. Here she became the German champion in the doubles and runner-up in the singles.