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Strullendorfer E-Darters miss jumping to third

Strullendorfer E-Darters miss jumping to third

On Saturday 9 July 2022, the day of the next double match in the thin Bundesliga was held in Wildflicken. The Birds competed again in match 2 and 3.

In the first match it was against Weiden’s “Don Promilo’s eV I”. The Bundesliga went up again and found it very difficult to face the Birds of Paradise. From the start, the Birds excelled and won the first match convincingly by 17:3.

The second match was against the host team “Magics”. Here the neighbors of the immediate table met each other. By defeating Team Wildflicken, The Paradise Birds Strullendorf could have secured third place in the table and thus relegation. In a very tense initial stage, neither team was able to break apart significantly. In the first half it was 5:5. After the break, the home team got off to a better start. The Magics team managed to pull away a bit and eventually took the lead across the finish line. The game ended 11-9 to the dismay of the birds. Because of this result, strong nerves, support and a little luck are needed. Target was at least fourth in the table. This would avoid unpopular landings.

Birds of Paradise Strollendorf lineup in both games: Rudiger Schroeder, Markus Pfister, Andreas Schneider, Dominic Rauscher, Andreas Seibel, Stefan Scharf (captain).

On July 23, 2022 there will be an absolute “showdown” at the Birds of Paradise club in Strulendorf. The guests occupy first and second place in the German league table. Second-placed McLeods will arrive from Dittelbach. In the second game it is against the table top of Immenreuth “DC Black Pub”. On this match day we guarantee that the darts game will be at the ‘Level Up’.

Strullendorf’s Birds of Paradise, Benedikt Gut