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Brackelmann should have been fired for stepping on Hiller!

Brackelmann should have been fired for stepping on Hiller!

By Marco Blanco Ulysses and Imago (photo)

In the 85th minute there was plenty of action in the Löwen penalty area on Monday evening in TSV 1860’s 3-1 win in Ingolstadt…

What happened? Ingolstadt’s Calvin Bracklemann – who had already warned the yellow – didn’t reach for the ball anymore, but didn’t hold back and hit the 60’s goalkeeper Marco Heller on his hands. As Heller writhed on the ground in pain, several lions pushed Brackleman aside and confronted him. Referee Benjamin Kurtos – db24 fifth row – lunged and settled. To the surprise of many, however, there were no consequences for Brackelmann.

Former FIFA referee Babak Rafati analyzes the contentious scenes of the third division every week on the online portal “”. The 52-year-old has a clear opinion on the action against Heller: Bracklemann should have been sent off!

The full statement:

Brackelmann wants to hold the ball against the defender and certainly doesn’t see the keeper go out. When he wants to get the ball, he steps on the goalkeeper’s hands, which ends up painfully for Heller. One certainly can’t assume that Brackelmann has any intention, but that’s a reckless tactic. In which the attacker ignores the consequences for the opponent. Such an offense is punishable by one warning Wrong decision, not to show this yellow card. If the hit had occurred in the head, even a red card would be the logical outcome.”