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Bout on February 7 – inside Paradeplatz

Bout on February 7 – inside Paradeplatz

Recently, Dadvan Youssef returned to his favorite dive: the Dolder Grand, above Zurich.

To the west of the Alpine State, less important things are brewing over the head of the former cryptocurrency prince.

Debt Collection Office in Bjell Sealand He takes action there. In “Attached Notice/Certificate of Dadvan Ismat Yusuf Yusuf (…) of Unknown Residency” the government debt collection agency states:

“The debtor is informed that the above-mentioned debt enforcement attachment will be executed on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. at the Sealand Debt Enforcement Office, Biel/Bienne Office, Steuerstrasse 20, 2501 Biel/Bienne.”

The reason is a demand for 38 thousand francs from a creditor whose contract Youssef terminated more than a year ago. Sealand's debt collection office, “Biel Office”, wrote:

“Credit of the Termination Agreement, which was created in accordance with the Debtor’s oral instructions dated 4 September 2022 (telephone call from Paris) and sent to him by e-mail dated 5 September 2022 or a reminder dated 24 September 2022.”

Youssef, who was in Paris at the time and a lively TikToker in his suite with a cigar in hand, remained in the eyes of the adjuster's office and owed money to the contractor.

Life wisdom from someone who stumbled (IP; Tiktok)

The Swiss authorities do not know where Youssef currently resides.

However, in the “confiscation memorandum” numbered 222037071, they explicitly refer to the corresponding section of the law.

It states: “If criminal consequences arise, the debtor or his representative shall be required to attend the seizure.”

It will be easy to reach Joseph. When asked via WhatsApp about the impending seizure in two weeks, he responded within minutes.

“conducted in absentia” (

He says that there are two confiscation requests against him: one has now been completed and the second has not yet been decided in court.

He says first:

“This claim in the amount of CHF 38,000 has been legally recognized by a court ruling and can therefore no longer be canceled – I will pay this amount accordingly.”

The outstanding claims amount to approximately 70,000 francs, so there is a total of 100,000 francs for which the affected creditors have applied for attachment.