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Bolivian President Louis Ars arrived in Mexico to meet with Lopez Obrador

Louis Ars to preside over Sagan Putnam Victory Day Celebration (Photo: Twitter / RESRE_mx)

President of Bolivia Louis Ars arrived in Mexico For what he met this Tuesday night Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, As part of his first official visit as head of state.

As stated in it Secretary of State (SRE), Ars arrived in Mexico City at 11:00 p.m. After his invitation to the memorial service Sagan Puttam Victory Day.

“We welcome you today President of the Polynesian State of Bolivia, Louis Ars Catacora, uch Luchox Bolivia, who Visit our country to mark the 190th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Bolivia”, The company wrote on its official Twitter account.

So Bolivia will not be left without a leader, Ars handed the baton to Vice President David ChokhuwankaHe will be in charge of the country for almost three days, as the celebration will take place in the state of Cambodia on Thursday, March 25th.

Andres Manuel Lopez announces the arrival of Obrador Ars on March 7, 2021 (Photo: Twitter / RESRE_mx)
Andres Manuel Lopez announces the arrival of Obrador Ars on March 7, 2021 (Photo: Twitter / RESRE_mx)

It must be remembered Lopez Obrador announced the arrival of his representative on March 7. Historical fact to be remembered during the protocol ceremony ”Bad fight”, When it arose The colonialists wanted to take Samboton, But the people did not allow it, so there was a war, at which time the Spanish invaders were defeated.

Among the topics that will be reviewed while you stay in Mexico Strengthen the relationship between the two countries, What else To analyze the role of the organization of American states (OEA), Law Covit-19 International Distribution And this The importance of Latin American and Caribbean society (CELAC).

Especially The OAS is one of the few international organizations that has strongly criticized Evo Morales’ presidency, His predecessor, and his visit to the presidency.

However, The visit of the current head of the Bolivian administration was not well received by the Bolivian community in Mexico., Was judged for its cause Find the culprits who allegedly took part in the social unrest that occurred at the end of 2019 To overthrow the dictator Morales.

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