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Böhlen makes space for more business

Böhlen makes space for more business

The city of Böhlen wants to designate another business district within the industrial site Böhlen-Lippendorf. The area adjacent to the industrial park along Werkstrasse is about 2.4 hectares. The project was submitted by the Knoblich Planning Office to the Technical Committee of the City Council.

Residential buildings for factory employees demolished long ago

Specifically, it concerns an area opposite the previous textbook, Which now includes storage rooms. “The area starts just behind the bike path and at the little lane,” said Dietmar Berndt, Mayor of Bohlen, when asked. “There were two staff apartment buildings at the site in question,” he said. The buildings were demolished after the wall fell, and the area has not been in use since then.

A piece of cultivated soil is also part of the planning area. According to the mayor, a development plan must first be drawn up. “And the procedure will definitely take about two years.”

It can be reached via Werkstrasse

The Knoblich office of Zschepplin (near Eilenburg, North Saxony) is now busy with planning. Among others, the following goals are envisaged: reusing the cultivation area and creating a unified commercial use. “The goal is also to avoid reusing spaces in other parts of the city,” explained one of the office’s employees. In addition, development can take place via Werkstrasse.

In the coming weeks and months, the first thing to do is to make a complete inventory and assessment of the “protected assets” – i.e. area, soil, water, biota, flora and fauna. This goes hand in hand with the definition of appropriate compensatory and substitution measures.

Pre-draft should be available in the spring

The timetable is currently designed in such a way that an initial draft of the development plan will be available in the spring. This follows all the steps including public presentation until the decision of the statute and the entry into force of the actual development plan. Mayor Berndt predicts that the new industrial park will attract more companies and that existing companies will want to expand immediately. “There is hardly any loss of interest in the malls,” he explains.

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