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Bayern go directly to the eighth final of the congress league

Bayern go directly to the eighth final of the congress league

Conference League

Two matches for first place: FC Basel beat Qarbagh and reached the round of 16

Bayern beat Qarbaj 3-0 in the last group match, winning the group and advancing to the last 16 of the Conference League.

Basel player Bagtim Ghasemi, right, cheers after scoring a goal during the UEFA League Group H soccer match between Swiss FC Basel 1893 and Azerbaijani Karabaj at St. Jacob’s Park in Basel, Switzerland, Thursday, December 9, 2021. / Georgios Kevalas )

Georgios Kevalas / Keystone

He jumps on the gang, extends his arms and screams. It is a cry of redemption and joy. Because Bajtim Qasemi knows: “We’re done now. We won’t let that be taken away from us!” These are the scenes after Basel’s 2-0 win, which Qasmi scored. And that’s 2-0, yes, that means FC Basel won their group in the Conference League, ahead of Qarabag, who would have needed to win the head-to-head duel to be able to snatch first place.

However, the guests from Azerbaijan are dangerously close to this victory – or at least ahead – especially at the beginning of the game. Because the first half starts like a Bayern nightmare. Less than two minutes played, so Basel must be behind. Or better: it would be you if there was a video judge in this contest.

Because after Nasser Djiga is easily bitten off the side, the ball lands at Abdullah Al Zubair. He shoots the ball, at least one meter behind the goal line. But the hit does not count. Incredibly much fanfare for FCB in this scene. Päsler owes less luck than he owes to a strong reaction from Heinz Lindner that even after 11 minutes Karabagh was not 1-0.

The Lindner Vault keeps Basler in the game. But it does not hide the fact that the home team started poorly. With the worst stage in the first half of the entire season from Basel’s point of view.

Cabral continues to expand his dream share

As a result, Bayern were able to catch up, coming through Matthias Palacios in the 15th minute to the first score. He seems to wake up his teammates with her. Because FCB is not only catching up, it is constantly increasing. This increase led to two big chances for Arthur Cabral in the 29th and 32nd minutes. But he failed both times in the Qarabagh goalkeeper.

After a minute he managed to put the ball behind the line. What was not the case with Garabaj is with Bayern: the goal is important. The evolution: Pajtim Kasami’s graduation slips a bit over the slippers, and lands the Palacios on the baseline, which is what brought him to the middle, where Cabral just has to head to. After that, Baszler continues to play well, but remains 1-0 at the break.

With this result, Basel would have long ago ended, and a draw would be enough for them. But before the match, coach Patrick Rahman spoke of not wanting to use tactics. And so it also changes in the break, brings new strength. Although Basler started similarly shaky in the second round, they have to thank Lindner, who is as strong as a bear, and the inaccuracy of Karabagh’s attack.

It will continue on March 10th in Europe

But they again keep themselves, improve and, thanks to Kasami, expand the lead. At 74, Cabral scored his second goal of the day and 27 in Round 28.

With this win, Bayern will move safely – at least in terms of the result – to the last 16 of the Conference League. He did so with 14 points – and no Swiss side had scored so much in the European group stage. The previous record was 13 points.

For FC Basel, this also means a total income of 7.6 million euros, also resulting from this win and first place in the group. But it also means that Bayern will save one hurdle – that of the 16th final.

This will not continue for Basel until next spring. Exactly on March 10, the first leg of the round of 16.