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Bit Noise, Processor Podcast: UEFI Secure Boot in Detail

Bit Noise, Processor Podcast: UEFI Secure Boot in Detail

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Different operating systems can run on an x86 computer with an AMD or Intel processor. During the boot process, the UEFI BIOS executes the boot loader for the operating system in question. These bootloaders are attractive targets for malicious hackers.


The UEFI Secure Boot function aims to prevent tampered bootloaders, so-called boot kits, from implanting themselves on your computer. But at the beginning of 2023, a BlackLotus attack was discovered, which compromises UEFI Secure Boot.

Microsoft is responding to this with an addition to Secure Boot: Code Integrity Boot Policy. The Linux community relies on Secure Boot Advanced Targeting (SBAT).

c't editor Ulrike Kuhlmann discusses what these profound changes mean for Windows PCs with her colleague Christoph Wendeck in the 2024/7 episode of “Bit-Rauschen: The processor podcast from c't”.

More information about UEFI Secure Boot and Windows Code Integrity Boot Policy is available c't 7/2024.

Bit Noise Podcast, Episode 2024/7:

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