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The QR code appears on the screen in the chat

The QR code appears on the screen in the chat

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The popular messaging software WhatsApp will soon have a new functionality available to its users. The focus is on QR codes.

Bremen – WhatsApp is getting a new function: in the future, users will be able to search for others using their username. This function already exists in well-known messengers such as Telegram. This should make it easier to find others – and users will no longer have to share a phone number with contacts they don't want to share it with.

The QR code on WhatsApp will be shareable directly via the chat interface soon

Specialized blog reports on this matter WABetaininfo. WhatsApp should examine other functions of this kind. The latest beta update for WhatsApp for Android is already available on Google Play Store for some beta users. You can actually share the QR code via the Chats tab.

WhatsApp gets a new feature. © Germanopoli/Imago

Currently, users can share their QR code via the app's settings. The new feature provides a more direct and accessible way, right from the chat tab interface.

Will phone numbers not be necessary in the future to keep in touch via Whatsapp?

As the site writes, it is “likely” that when you share the QR code, the username will be displayed and not the phone number. The function can be activated after providing username support.

This allows users to easily share their QR codes without having to navigate through the app settings. Additionally, the link in the Chats tab encourages frequent use of the QR code sharing feature.

So far, only some beta users can use the new function on WhatsApp

The feature of sharing QR code from the chats tab is under development and will be available in a future update of the app. So far the shortcut is only available to some beta users. This feature will also enable users to carry out financial transactions on the app through the UPI QR code feature. The digital payment method is especially popular in India.

“This process not only saves time, but also improves the overall user experience and makes the scanning experience easier,” she says. WhatsApp is constantly working on innovations. A new feature in Android Beta lets you pin more chats. (KJSC)