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Best stuff: Nigel Farage and the Jungle Camp – Panorama

Best stuff: Nigel Farage and the Jungle Camp – Panorama

There are people you really don’t want to share a two-person tent with. Such is the British political bombshell Nigel Farage. Uncomfortably loud, always demanding the highest level of attention, occasionally rude and dividing more than he unites.

Television station ITV reportedly offered the 59-year-old right-wing populist more than a million euros to go camping in the jungle. “I’m a celebrity…get me out of here!” “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!” It has been in the UK for longer than that. It’s one of humanity’s greatest mysteries that this nonsense is still a ratings hit today – in Germany.

So far, D-list celebrities from international show business have met in the Australian jungle. They had to put up with snakes, cockroaches and bull testicles, but most of all themselves. The fact that the spectrum of candidates now seems to be widening to include politicians is certainly a headache for humanists critical of the media.

Yes, of course, we always want to be “the best stuff” in this column, which is why TV design is called “I’m a populist – let me in!” We propose to rename it. Before. Under this heading you will think of a whole series of current people mesmerizers who want to see you sitting next to each other in a bug bath. Those who sell mugs in coffee cups or disapprove of the election. Or those who poison their enemies or send them to prison camps when they fear their power. And of course their ridiculously homophobic, anti-democratic and annoying slaves from various small states. Yes, you’d love to see such selfish people drive each other crazy in a two-person tent. If they can’t close their eyes, it’s not because they’re ashamed of themselves, but because of some ridiculous giant spider. Actually, that would be a lot of fun.

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