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Berries and apples can reduce the risk of dementia

Berries and apples can reduce the risk of dementia

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The right diet can keep the brain fit and reduce the risk of dementia. According to a new study, apples and berries in particular appear to play a major role in this matter.

Although there is no absolute guarantee against dementia in old age, a healthy lifestyle can help keep the brain fit. In addition to adequate exercise and socialization, nutrition is especially important. Certain foods can support brain health and thus reduce the risk of dementia. Current research suggests that berries and apples may enhance mental performance.

Fruit with secondary plant substances reduces the risk of dementia

According to a new study, those who eat apples and berries often can reduce their risk of dementia. © Yai Images/Imago

Several studies have already indicated that consuming phytochemicals or flavonoids – which give color to various fruits and vegetables and are also found in cocoa, green and black tea – can have positive effects on mental performance. In one Columbia University study In New York, in the specialized magazine With people The causal relationship between these plant materials and mental performance has now been studied. About 3,600 healthy volunteers aged about 70 years participated in the study.

Half of the participants consumed 500 milligrams of flavanoids from cocoa daily for three years, while the other half received a placebo without these plant compounds. Urine samples from 1,400 people were used in the test to determine the healthiness of their diet and the amount of tea, fruits and vegetables they consumed. Unlike previous studies in which flavonoid intake was estimated retrospectively from participants, in this study it was possible to precisely determine it. In addition, participants’ mental performance was measured through tests.

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Study: Regular consumption of berries and apples supports brain health

The results of the study showed that the decline in mental performance was at its lowest levels among a third of people who ate more healthily. A third of participants who consumed particularly few flavonoids through their diet directly benefited from consuming additional amounts of flavonoids in pill form. This not only prevented decline in cognitive abilities but also improved memory performance. However, the additional intake had no effect on participants who regularly ate apples and berries.

Professor Dr. Bernhard Watzl, President of the German Nutrition Society, said: South German newspaperFlavonoids are used Prevention of dementia diseases Appropriate. “However, no one knows if there is a critical window of time. “You may actually be making groundbreaking decisions about what you eat when you’re 20 or 40,” says the nutritionist. What many don’t know: Also Children can actually develop dementia.

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