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Being a mother has changed her so much!

Being a mother has changed her so much!

Pop star Helen Fisher in Happy Mother’s Day! A friend now reveals how much her daughter has changed her.

The basics in brief

  • Helen Fisher and Thomas Settle have a young daughter together.
  • It is said that being a mother changed the 37-year-old.

paddle-queen Helen Fisher (37 years old) Happy Baby!

Become a singer a few months ago Mother daughter. A friend reveals that Helen has changed since the birth of baby Nala.

So far, Fisher and her partner Thomas Settle (37) are known to keep their private lives as private as possible.

BUT: The singer was recently seen walking in Munich (D) with Nala. Fisher looked relaxed and smiled happily. The 37-year-old didn’t seem to be bothered by passersby.

A friend told Bild newspaper: “Helen has been more relaxed since she fulfilled the dream of her life.”

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