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Before WhatsApp: Signal offers a long-awaited job

Before WhatsApp: Signal offers a long-awaited job


Even before WhatsApp: the competition outperforms a long-awaited job

Signal outperforms WhatsApp with a crucial function.

Photo: Getty Images / Tom Werner

13.08.2021 – 09:38

Messenger signal is very popular. With the new update, it is now able to outperform WhatsApp in terms of functionality.

the Signal-App is coming The WhatsApp It is pre-installed and provides functionality that users have been waiting for for a long time. So you should be able to send photos using the beta and soon also in the latest version of the messenger in 4K.

Signal comes before WhatsApp

Signal Beta 5.14.0 is here. Soon after updating the app to 5.13.0, it brings a whole host of new functions to the users. In the patch notes posted via GitHub, the development team reveals what to expect. WhatsApp has not succeeded in doing this yet.

Introducing ‘My Daily Life’, a new animated sticker pack from artist Plastic Thing, Writes Member of the Signal team. Sending original HEIC and HEIF images is now displayed as a picture message in chats and is no longer as an attached file. “

Not only in beta

While the new image resolution is currently only available to Signal Beta users, you can actually use other functions. Developers sometimes promise to:

  • “Give your profile and group photos a new face.” With the new avatar creator, you can create the perfect avatar or choose from new default settings.
  • A setting has also been added to notify you if an @ is indicated, even if the chat is muted.
  • The team also promises an improved incoming call experience.

Signal also has other advantages over WhatsAppthat you can take advantage of.

Quelle: GitHub / signalapp

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