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Beer and wine on the shelf?  Migros promises to confront alcohol

Beer and wine on the shelf? Migros promises to confront alcohol

The retailer has to contend with the question of whether it wishes to include spirits, wine and beer in its collection in the future. Now reveal the schedule for discussing alcohol – and its pitfalls.

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For Gottlieb “Dutti” Duttweiler, the issue was clear – The Migros don’t sell alcohol. interval. However, this did not prevent his successors at the head of the Co-op from steadily undermining the sacred alcohol ban. Department store affiliate Globus sells fine wines, while discount maker Denner bought gogo beer and spirits. Meanwhile, even Migros stores with it sell alcohol, such as Migrolino or Migros Voi.


Gottlieb “Dutti” DuttweilerPhoto: Wikipedia

But the question now arises – again – whether classic Migros stores should also sell cans of Feldschlösschen, Bordeaux bottles and shots of vodka in the future. In the the summer It became known that the Retailer’s Representative Association would soon have to show its colors due to an internal initiative.

‘The decision is binding’

As a result, Migros did not want to comment on the alcohol-containing question. But now it is on its way to attack. In her latest Migros magazine, she portrays the alcohol issue as a symbol of her democratic organization, where customers who participate in Migros can have their say. The merchant wrote in her internal magazine: “The decision of the members of the cooperative is binding on Migros. This is Migros democracy, a decision-making process unique in the Swiss economy.”

In addition, Migros provides a detailed table of the alcohol question in the article. Therefore, the process begins next Saturday. At the request of five delegates and after the approval of the Migros administration, headed by Fabrice Zombrunn, the Assembly of Delegates decides whether the laws should be changed to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages.

32 different Migros devices

Is everything so simple? Not with the complex Migros complex. Because any modification to the statute is a multi-stage decision. It is about the contracts of the 10 regional Migros cooperatives with its headquarters, the Migros cooperative in Zurich. If the Assembly of Delegates, headed by Marianne Meyer Muller, approves the proposal, the question goes to a maximum of 2.27 million members of the cooperative.

Fabrice Zumbrunn

Fabrice ZumbrunnPictured: the cornerstone

Migros writes: “After a unique, democratic and complex process, in which at least 32 different Migros members could be involved, it would be possible to effect a change in the statute, which could lead to wine, beer and spirits being put on the shelves.”

But first things first: If at least two-thirds of the members of the Council of Delegates agree, the next step, by December 3, is the meeting of the departments and cooperative boards of the ten Migros regional cooperatives. “The territorial bodies must then decide in relation to their co-op whether they also agree to lift the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages and whether they should put the question to the members of the co-op to vote on strike.”

Wine in Vaud – but not in Zurich?

Then it’s time to wait. Cooperatives that have voted to change the statute must hold a ballot by June 4, 2022. Question: Would you like to lift the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in Migros branches and agree to amend regional regulations? Only yes or no is possible.

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In 2023, it may be so yet: Migros can sell alcohol. However, only in the branches of regional cooperatives, whose members spoke in favor of lifting the ban by a two-thirds majority. The situation from the customer’s point of view would be strange. Migros herself writes: “Depending on the result, regional differences are possible – there may be branches of the cooperative Lucerne Selling wine in the future while doing it in cooperative supermarkets Oschoise It’s still not allowed.”

The question is also whether Migros boss Fabric Zombrunen still had the same opinion he had when he took office in 2018. At the time, when asked by the newspaper if Migros should sell alcohol, he said: “No, absolutely not.”

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