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Beckdump 61!  Here come the funniest memes and pictures from the internet

Beckdump 61! Here come the funniest memes and pictures from the internet

Sergio Menig

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“Honestly, I have to say that on a hot day, it is very hot in Zurich. If you were in Valais now, you would be happy, and you would want Halloween. But yes, here you have another advantage, which is for bisbel, which is that all Wucha on the Internet is close to non-existent memes. And here is the result.”

(“I have to say honestly, on days like today, I feel a little sorry that I moved to Zurich. If I were still in Valais, I would have a day off because it’s All Saints’ Day. But yes, it has other advantages, because Example: I can Searching the Internet every week for the latest memes. And this is the result.” in German in Valais)

And it is:

This is what the cover photo should contain:
Harold as the Mad Hatter sips his coffee in a forest full of cotton candy trees

This is what the work should be called:
Crazy ecstatic

The idea came from:
B. Scrubs

Teaser image for picdump vol. 60

Now it’s your turn. Welcome to tell us your idea for the next cover photo.

As a bonus, let’s continue with the best photos from the comments column in the last photo!

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Finally Wednesday again!


Image: Internet

Nothing but contempt…


I arrive at work.
Everyone: “Good morning!”

Ole time change!


That’s nice, but still…


When your outfit is perfect but your mom makes you wear a jacket.

Just going to another room is enough.


When you’re running up the stairs to get something but forget what you just did.

We are all waiting for this moment.


When the song you saved in the car plays.

good advice. 😅


Never tie your shoelaces in Paris.

This is not even an exaggeration. 😅


Doctors talk…

Someone won Halloween yesterday.

Halloween costume

I had a great time tonight.
Me too. Do you have time on Friday? Hey…​

Why do some people do this just before 8:00 AM?


Me: *I’m late and in a hurry*
Everyone in the store:

Haven’t we all been there before? rickrolled?


Rick Astley – I’ll Never Give Up on You (Video).
12-second non-skippable ad.
I’m being rickrolled.

Disney vs reality. 😅


I always thought I would be Bill one day. Turns out I’m that lady: “I need six eggs!”



Play on words.

Don’t we all have that person in our circle of friends?


My bad friend, you can just put these things back.



Well, there’s nothing special about Florida.


JUST IN: ‘Spider-Man’ pressure washes the roof of a Florida home during a rainstorm.
Video game side quests have become ridiculous.

We can understand the enthusiasm.


I just found this stick.
Bro literally got the best one. I’m not kidding, this is the best stick I’ve ever seen.

An attractive tune in every sense of the word.


Maybe things will be different when you’re sixty.


Me when a helicopter flies near me.
At the age of ten. In 40 years.

It would be nice…


If sharing memes were a job.

We’re all Mario, all of us.


That’s me, depressed.

But every damn time!


After two seconds you can go.


When I pick someone up and have to wait more than 5 seconds.

You just have to love it.

com. imgur

Now I know how Kevin Hart feels.



This bible verse always motivates me.

No matter what I did it for him.

com. imgur

This couple with a joint Facebook account.

Please for this:


Works in English only.

Were they related?


Bob the Builder and Jack the Ripper have the same middle name.

Is it a worthwhile goal?


People: What do you want to do with your life?

Party is hard!


You can’t say you’re partying hard until you sleep with the refrigerator door open.

You learn something new every day.

com. imgur

I’m noticing the butt in the background for the first time.

Clearly someone wasn’t in the mood for Halloween.




Find someone who looks at you the way a musical centaur’s face looks at berries.




Me: I put the food on the top shelf so my cat can’t reach it.
My cat:

Completely understandable.


My niece drew me holding a burrito in my hand and I’ve never felt more understood.

Someone will wake up quickly.

com. imgur

wake up wake up.

Summer home office on the balcony is a legend!


When the sun hits your laptop screen completely.

That’s it for this week! But don’t worry, next Wednesday is coming soon!
Until then have a good time! 🥳

Of course, you can still vent your anger in the comments column. Let’s go!

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Alice in Wonderland restaurants in Japan


Alice in Wonderland restaurants in Japan


A strange world for Sergio: “It’s crazy, this doesn’t exist in Valais.”

Video: Watson

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