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Bayern star in fighting mode: Reeve annoyed with Muller: 'I can't listen to this nonsense anymore'

Bayern star in fighting mode: Reeve annoyed with Muller: 'I can't listen to this nonsense anymore'

Despite the crisis, Thomas Müller goes into fighting mode.


After a 3-2 defeat to Heidenheim, Bayern Munich entered their Champions League duel against Arsenal without much self-confidence. Thomas Müller is still in 'fighting mode', and football expert Marcel Reif can only shake his head.

no time? Blue News sums it up for you

  • Bayern Munich is in bad shape before facing London club Arsenal in the Champions League (Tuesday, 9pm live on Blue Sport).
  • After defeat to Dortmund the previous week, Bayern also lost to newly promoted Heidenheim. Thomas Müller still says: “I'm almost in fighting mode again by Tuesday.”
  • These sentences disturb Marcel Reeve. “It's bullshit,” Reeve says. You can find out how the Blue Sports expert assesses Bayern's crisis on Tuesday evening in the Champions League studio on the Blue Sport channel.

The desired reaction to the 2-0 Clásico defeat to Dortmund did not materialize: Bayern Munich lost 3-2 in Heidenheim at the weekend after leading 2-0 at half-time, meaning the last spark of hope for the tournament was snuffed out.

The Champions League is the last straw. Here Bayern faces the team of the moment: Premier League leaders Arsenal. Self-confidence has been badly damaged, but Thomas Müller surprised with his reaction after the defeat to Heidenheim: “I'm almost in fighting mode again by Tuesday. The resentment inside me is almost smiling again.”

These sentences upset football expert Marcel Reif. And in “Bild” Reeve speaks plainly: “I can't listen to this nonsense anymore. It's boring me. It's nonsense. I tell my kids: Don't babble too!”

Bayern will play in the first leg of the first division quarter-finals in London on Tuesday evening. blue Sport is broadcasting the match live (match starts at 9pm), and Marcel Reif is a guest in the blue Sport studio as an expert.

Mueller: “Use the situation as an opportunity”

New sporting director Max Eberl also criticized the attitude of some Bayern stars after the recent disappointment. “They are all national players, they are German champions and Champions League winners. I expect more masculinity. This is not the face of Bayern Munich,” Eber said in the ZDF sports studio. “We should all be a little ashamed of ourselves.”

Looking at the Arsenal game, Eberl can't think of much to offer hope at the moment, admits the 50-year-old. Thomas Müller sees it a little differently. He wrote on Instagram: “It's a difficult moment for us. After the defeats in the Bundesliga, it seems that our self-confidence is very low. We must use this situation as an opportunity to surprise everyone on the big stage against Arsenal. This is not the time to give up. Let's go boys!”