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Austria wants to process asylum applications outside Europe –

Austria wants to process asylum applications outside Europe –

On Thursday (November 2), Austria hosts controversial British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who has made headlines with her tough rhetoric on migration issues. The aim is to use British experience to promote the outsourcing of asylum applications to third countries.

Like Austria, Great Britain processes asylum applications abroad. However, the controversial agreement with Rwanda in this regard is currently still under legal review.

“Great Britain has a lot of experience in carrying out asylum procedures outside of Europe in the future,” Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Garner praised the Austrian Press Agency before the meeting. APA.

The idea has recently gained traction, and Germany is also considering such an approach.

As the Austrian Interior Ministry emphasized on Tuesday, as “more and more countries follow the Austrian lead,” “expanded third-country cooperation can be implemented with the Asylum and Migration Agreement.”

“We will continue to work to ensure that the EU Commission takes forward such asylum procedures outside of Europe and thereby makes them possible.”

The Ministry of Interior continued that the agreement between Great Britain and Rwanda was very interesting for Austria and could serve as a model for the European Union.

Under the new rules, people identified by the UK as illegal immigrants or asylum seekers can be deported to Rwanda for processing. If their application is successful, they will be granted asylum there and will not be allowed to re-enter the UK.

This plan is considered highly controversial. The country’s Supreme Court is currently considering its legality after an appeals court ruled it illegal. The European Court of Human Rights has previously intervened.