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Haas wants USA to review the results

Haas wants USA to review the results

( – The results of the 2023 USA Grand Prix in Austin may come under scrutiny. That’s because Formula 1 team Haas wants to use its so-called right of review to open a new investigation into track violations. The race team expects more penalties against the other drivers so that Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg will earn championship points.

Track limit violation yes or no? Sergio Perez at the 2023 USA Grand Prix in Austin

This did not come as a complete surprise: immediately after the Grand Prix, onboard records showed several track violations by drivers (in particular) at Turn 6, but they were not prosecuted for this. It caused irritation in the Formula 1 paddock and led to questions from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) at the Mexican Grand Prix a week after Austin.

The FIA ​​later admitted that its monitoring methods were insufficient in certain cases to prove track limit violations. Internal records were not yet available to the Sports Commissioners at the time the breach was discovered.

Can Haas present “new evidence” or not?

This is where the Haas argument comes in: the team exists Loud Car motor and sports Based on internal records, a number of other violations of track limits were identified by various drivers, hence the call for a review by the sporting commissioners. What is important here is that this reconsideration only happens when there is “new evidence,” which is what Haas thinks it is.

Does the world association see it that way? It will be decided in a couple of days. Because the FIA ​​is now looking at “new evidence” of Haas. According to article 14.1.1 of the International Sporting Code of the World Automobile Federation, if these are classified as “new”, “can be inspected by representatives of the FIA”. So fresh exam is not guaranteed.

In the next step, the FIA ​​will call Austin sporting commissioners Dennis Dean, Felix Holder, Andrew Mallalieu and Derek Warwick to a meeting the week after the Sao Paulo Grand Prix to review the Haas documents and discuss what to do next.

Possible consequences of a possible investigation

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, Williams’ Alexander Alban and Logan Sargent and Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll will face subsequent time penalties if possible track limit violations are reviewed. This could bring Haas driver Hulkenberg up from P11 in the points.

Haas’s motivation is obvious: the Formula 1 team currently sits last in the Constructors’ Championship with twelve points, and depends on every World Championship point to compete with Alfa Romeo and AlfaDauri (16 points each) in the standings. created by Every place you win in the overall ranking is associated with an increase in prize money of millions.

If all track violations are penalized as Haas has requested, Hulkenberg can Loud Car motor and sports Then go up to P7 and score six points. Yugi Tsunoda and Valtteri Bottas will also benefit from Haas’ immediate rivals Alfadari and Alfa Romeo. Williams would lose one championship point, while Perez would lose eleven.

FIA Expands Monitoring Capabilities for Track Limits

According to the FIA’s sporting commissioners, the fact that something like this did not happen at the USA Grand Prix was due to inadequate camera surveillance of Turn 6 in Austin. “The available evidence is insufficient to conclude precisely and consistently that track limit violations have occurred,” the FIA ​​in Austin argued.

Something like this should never happen again. Immediately after the USA Grand Prix, an FIA spokesperson announced: “The FIA ​​will expand its surveillance infrastructure. [sensible Stellen an der Rennstrecke] Can hide better. In future, potential violations during racing should be reliably identified.”