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Australian TV presenters angry over Novak Djokovic

Creating a video wave from Australia: Two TV presenters express their opinion about Novak Djokovic – without reducing their words. They are secretly filmed.

What was going on in Channel 7? A video showing two of the most popular presenters of the Australian TV channel being shameless in the news studio is currently circulating on social media. Novak Djokovic Contempt. They both refer to the number one tennis player several times as “negligent” and accuse him of lying when he entered the country.

In the video, which has caused a stir around the world, hostess Rebecca Modern said to her colleague: “After all, Novak Djokovic is a liar, a deceiver.” It is unfortunate that everyone around him failed. “Yes, he’s an ass,” news broadcaster Mike Amore admits, and when he pulls his wiring, it’s not clear if he’s being filmed. “Whichever way you look at it, it’s unfortunate that everyone around him is screwing it up,” Modern responds.

The two also accuse Djokovic of lying about his entry papers. “I think he will get rid of it,” says Manmadhan. I think most sensible people would say, “That guy is an ass.” Then he throws: “Did we do it right?” I do not know. You (Editor’s note: Australian authorities) Screwed it up. That’s the problem, isn’t it? “

Background: Before entering Australia, Djokovic said he did not go to another country two weeks ago. Trained in Spain before moving to Melbourne. False information in the entry notice is considered a criminal offense in Australia. The tennis player is awaiting a decision from the country’s authorities on whether he will still be with them Australian Open Round Can participate.

Channel 7 announces legal action

The broadcaster released a statement behind the two speakers and announced legal action. It was a personal conversation between two co-workers, recording “cowardly act” and violating the law on tapping devices in the state. Victoria. Rebecca Modern also publicly apologized.

The accused criminals will now be identified and brought to justice accordingly. “There was an illegal recording of the personal conversation,” said Louise Martin, manager of Channel 7, the Australian radio station 3AW. “This is being fully investigated.”