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Australian postal workers face over 200 hazards every day

Australian postal workers face over 200 hazards every day

A postman's natural enemy? Of course it's the dog, everyone knows that. It's no different for Australian Postmen. But as new data from Australia Post shows, there are more risks down the line.

In total, there were more than 80,000 accidents last year – more than 200 every day. Postmen registered them using the Postal Service's own digital alert system, in which they enter everything dangerous and potentially dangerous.

The Guardian writes that the spectrum ranges from said dogs to aggressive magpies to pointed mailboxes and overhanging branches. Sometimes cars block access. Another time, insects had built a nest in the mailbox.

“Our job requires our mail carriers to be out there every day. Delivery workers want to do their jobs safely — not just fending off aggressive dogs or avoiding branches,” said Post Manager Rod Barnes.

What is striking about the post's risk report is that there is no mention of scorpions, spiders and snakes. In other words, the creature that prevents many Europeans from taking a holiday to Australia.

But who knows: for a true Australian postman, snakes may be part of everyday life. And there is no reason to create a risk report.