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Australia: Attacking sharks tear apart catamaran

Australia: Attacking sharks tear apart catamaran

Cairns, Australia

Shark attacks cause distress to sailing crews

Aggressive sharks attack and nearly sink an inflatable catamaran with three men on board. A cargo vehicle rescued the 3-man crew.


The sharks severely damaged the “Dian”. The crew experienced anxious moments.


  • Three sailors were in distress off the coast of Western Australia.

  • Sharks attack and severely damage their inflatable boat.

  • A cargo vehicle rushed to help and carried the men.

There is a swell in the Coral Sea off the east coast of Australia Catamaran After several shark attacks, he suffered great distress at sea. The three people on board, two Russians and a Frenchman aged between 28 and 67, were traveling from the South Sea island of Vanuatu to Cairns in Australia’s tropical north when the incident happened, Australian news agency AAP reported. In the middle of the Coral Sea, a tributary of the Pacific Ocean, a nine-meter-long barge was suddenly attacked by predatory fish, severely damaging both hulls. The front part of one was completely severed.

When the “Dian” threatened to capsize 835 kilometers southeast of Cairns, the men set off. An urgent call To the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). It informed the crew of a cargo ship that was now sailing nearby and dispatched the aircraft. The crew of the “Dugong Ace” finally took the sailors aboard and later reported that all were fine. The rescuers are expected to arrive in Brisbane on Thursday. A GPS emergency signal proved life-saving as rescuers were able to determine the boat’s exact position.

Inflatable mini catamarans A few meters in length are popular among sailors, Australian broadcaster ABC quoted yacht dealer Tim Rice as saying. They are commonly used on lakes and for short trips between islands. But he had never heard of the nine-meter-long inflatable catamaran used to cross the ocean. “One of this size can have many rooms. “So if the shark punctures one of them, the boat can still swim,” asserted Rice. It might have saved the prisoners’ lives. It is still unclear why the sharks attacked the boat.

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