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ASV Dachau can move to 3rd place - Lamotte returns to the district town

ASV Dachau can move to 3rd place – Lamotte returns to the district town

The return match against the relegated Bayernliga Pollach

Dachau – While Dachau residents have managed just about everything in the past few weeks, the Bavarian team Polach has not been to Landesliga Südwest for a long time. With three more, which will be the fourth in a row, Dachau team can climb to third place in the table.

If the defense defends as it has in the past few weeks, the chances are very good.

“We make far fewer mistakes than at the start of the season,” said ASV coach Manuel Haupt, citing part of the recipe for success. Because his team has conceded only four goals in the past seven matches. This puts the city’s forests at the top of the league.

Surprise, because Haupt had to change his back four times and over. Midfielders Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Tim Burchner and Zvonimir Kulic missed several matches. Tobias Earl stepped in and did his job mostly very well – with changing partners. Christian Roth has been missing in the last two games. But Fabian Liddell represented the captain so well that Haupt is even considering starting the match against Pollach – despite Ruth’s return. Right now, no matter how the ASV is set up, opponents are having a hard time creating opportunities. “I love it, of course,” Haupt says.

The fact that Leon Schleich and David Dorsky are questionable for the game is not a question. But that would be an ASV problem.

Perhaps SV Pullach would like to swap places with the Dachauers. Because unlike the ASV, which stayed almost together after the upgrade, the big turmoil in SVP followed in the summer. Among other things, top scorer Gilbert Francois Dipp left the club for Heidhausen. Player coach Fabian Lamotte, formerly TSV Dachau 1865, has to form a new team. After eight matches he is still searching for the key to success. He doesn’t have much time for that, because in the current constitution, the first vice president is a candidate for relegation. The Bullachers have not won in five games and are second in the standings, just three points behind bottom club Brunntal.

Almost everything talks about ASV Dachau. “But I expect the people at Bullach to do everything they can,” says coach Haupt. Arrogance is a taboo, otherwise there may be a rude awakening as in gerritsrid. There, eleven teams conceded their only defeat in the last six matches. However, since then, the Dachauers have improved significantly, both front and back.