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Aston Villa: New shirts for Alisha Lehmann & Co

Aston Villa: New shirts for Alisha Lehmann & Co

Aston Villa

New Lehmann Shirts – Supplier Solves Wet Shirts Problem

Aston Villa appear to have found a solution to their sweat-soaked shirts. Outfitter Castore wants to offer revised t-shirts for Alisha Lehmann and Co.


New jerseys will be available soon for Alisha Lehman and her teammates.

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  • Aston Villa players have a shirt problem.

  • Now supplier Castore has found a solution for wet shirts.

  • Since October, the women’s team has had to play with Alisha Lehmann in jersey.

Good news for Aston Villa football professionals. In recent weeks Birmingham club teams have struggled with their shirts. The problem: Within a few minutes, they were completely drenched in sweat. Professionals complained to club management that this made the bibs heavier and uncomfortable. Aston Villa then complained to supplier Castor.

The source of the problem has now been found, as reported by The Telegraph. Obviously it is not the material that is responsible, but rather an “imbalance” in relation to the sponsor’s imprint. Kasturi now wants to produce a new range of shirts with minor modifications to the damaged areas. Making the same changes to the shirts already delivered to Aston Villa is another possible solution.

Lyman received a one-night offer

And Natti’s player Alisha Lehman should be happy about that, too. After Aston Villa’s men have been forced to wear defective shirts since August, this has also been the case for the women’s team, which started the season at the beginning of October. Astuben Villa faces Manchester United on Sunday.

Lyman recently made headlines for her podcast visit “Dirty talk” By German rapper Sherine David. In this the Swiss woman revealedThat a world-famous football star offered her a huge sum of money for one night.

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