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Animation of the Queen's Last Evidence of Love († 96)

Animation of the Queen’s Last Evidence of Love († 96)

King Charles III: Commemorates Queen Elizabeth II with a statue.

King Charles III had more time than any king before him to prepare for accession to the throne. However, it came as a shock to Queen Elizabeth II’s son when the Queen died on September 8th, leaving him on the throne. It has now been two months since Charles took office, but during those two months he continued to commemorate his late mother. At the Queen’s funeral, the professional Charles couldn’t help but cry as the coffin was lowered to the ground. One One last gesture for his mother He did not allow himself to be taken away from the funeral of the century on September 19: in the flower arrangement on the coffin there was a message with the parting words of Charles to his mother – “In Memory of Loving and Loving, Charles.”

Also during a visit to York a few days ago The new king commemorated the late queen. In a town in the north of England Unveiled a statue of his mother. She wouldn’t be the last, but she was the first Queen Elizabeth II carved in limestone to unwrap Charles from her pack on the west side of York Minster – but she is the most sentimental.