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«Nicht angemessen» - King Charles blockierte Meghans Queen-Besuch

King Charles ‘had no idea’ Meghan was black

Meghan Markle accuses her father-in-law, King Charles, of racism. A new book claims the 73-year-old “had no idea” Markle was black.


The basics in brief

  • It was reported that King Charles did not know that Meghan Markle was black when they first met.
  • The daughter-in-law accuses the king and the rest of the royal family of racism.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey (68) raised Meghan Markle (41) Serious racist allegations against the Royal family. This is how King Charles (73) wanted his grandchildren archery (3) and Lilibet (1) are not given nicknames because they are of mixed origin.

New book now claims: King Charles Cannes When I first met Markle “I have no idea” she’s black. As author Christopher Anderson notes in The King: The Life of Charles III Only 73 years oldThat Megan in the face Pippa Middleton (39) remember.

According to Andersen, the current king thought his future daughter-in-law was “absolutely remarkable”. I realized much later that she had a black mother. He reportedly told one of his friends, “It doesn’t mean it at all.”

Meghan Markle She was born as the daughter of an African American Mother and a white one dad Born in Los Angeles. I mentioned recently 43 percent are Nigerians to be.

Do you already have experiences with racism?

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