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An American mom kicked out of the amusement park - because her shorts are so short

An American mom kicked out of the amusement park – because her shorts are so short

A young mother was expelled from a theme park in the USA – for some strange reason: her short shorts were too short, so she had to go.

A young mother has been expelled from a park in the United States because of her clothes. – Tiktok / @ baileybreedlove970

The basics are in brief

  • A young mother from the USA had to go through a terrifying experience.
  • In late April, she was kicked out of a park because of her clothes.
  • Her shorts were “too short”, so she had to leave the park.

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising – the perfect time to dress up in shorts from last summer outside of the closet. Billy Bridlov, a young American woman, might have thought that, too. But her clothing choice was tantamount to demolishing her in a park.

When she and her daughter visited Six Flags Park in Oklahoma City in the US of the same name, she was Because of her shorts He was approached by the security guards.

He was almost arrested for wearing shorts

“A police officer ran after me to tell me my pants were too short,” Breedlove says on my pants The social networking site Facebookaccount. Shortly thereafter, the park director asked her to purchase longer pants.

After she refused, the security guards accused her of the crime and escorted her to the park exit. At this point, the family began filming the event. “When we asked why, they just said, ‘We are police officers.’”

In the viral Tiktok video, you can hear the security officer asking for identity – Breedlove was possible Do not act legally. “I expect to be compensated for the trauma my family and I have suffered here,” she replies immediately.

Amusement park apologizes for what happened

Then Six Flags prevented the young mother from entering the house for five years, but she also apologized to the family. One can look at the situation again. Because on the park website there is a notification that you are there Adhere to the dress code must, but additional specs are missing.

Oklahoma City Police were also able to confirm that the officer was not a member of the local police force. Pridlov concluded on social media: “The park should be ashamed of treating visitors in this way.”

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