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American politician Louis Gummert wants to change the Earth's orbit

American politician Louis Gummert wants to change the Earth’s orbit

Climate change is advancing. One thing is clear: something has to happen. Less emissions, less pollution. But there may be a simpler solution. At least, US politician Louis Gommert, 67, of Texas, came up with a very special idea, which he immediately presented at a US House of Representatives hearing on the topic of natural resources on Tuesday.

At first it started scientifically. He had been told by the former NASA chief that the orbits of the Moon around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun would change slightly and that massive solar flares were currently being recorded. So far, so good. But then the 67-year-old turned directly to Jennifer Eberlin from the Department of Forestry. Is there a way for the Ministry of Forests to change the orbit of the moon or the orbit of the earth around the sun? After all, that could have a huge impact on our climate.”