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AMD's FSR 3 had to be removed due to crashes

AMD's FSR 3 had to be removed due to crashes

Like the Canadian developer Turning games It has now announced that the latest AMD FidelityFX Supersolution (“FSR”) 3 upscaling technology has had to be removed from the open-world survival crafting game Nightingale, which will be released on February 20, 2024, because it caused an increase in crashes during stress tests of the game. It's also not possible to downgrade FSR 2, so the fantasy world built on Unreal Engine 5 can only offer DLSS 3 and XeSS for now. It is still unclear whether FSR 3 will be introduced later.

The FSR 3 was designed to crush the Nightingale

In a current blog post, the Canadian development studio commented on the results of an ongoing server stress test, which revealed that Nightingale was increasingly causing crashes due to AMD's FSR 3 implementation. In order to increase stability and not jeopardize the February 20 launch, the upgrade technology has now been removed from the release Release.

After reviewing the crash data from the server stress test, a large number of crashes appeared to indicate FSR-3 integrity, regardless of whether users enabled the setting or not.

To ensure better stability, we have temporarily removed FSR 3 from the launch release and are working with different external and internal teams to evaluate whether we can implement FSR 3 or an older version of FSR in future updates.

– Turning games –

However, competing technologies Nvidia DLSS 3 with Frame Generation and Intel XeSS will be supported at launch, as Inflexion Games confirmed in its announcement. In addition, these changes have been made in very detail System requirements He indicated accordingly.