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AMD Noise Suppression: Nvidia RTX Voice soll Konkurrenz bekommen

AMD Noise Suppression: Nvidia RTX Voice Should Be a Competition

AMD briefly posted a video on its official YouTube channel promising a new audio feature for the Adrenalin Edition graphics driver. The function, called noise suppression – that is, the process of suppressing noise – is expected to serve as a post counter for Nvidia RTX Voice.

Graphics chip and AI should improve audio streams

Since April 2020, Nvidia has been filtering noise via GPU and deep learning and using Nvidia RTX Voice to free both recorded and played recordings from background noise, which should pay off, especially in times of coronavirus and the growing need associated with home office solutions. In the future, AMD Noise Suppression will be a competitor that uses the graphics card and artificial intelligence for better audio streams.

Meanwhile, AMD has set the official product video status to “Private” again, but the video is available to the author, as the following screenshots show. A Twitter user was the first to mention the video Tweet embed.

The feature uses real-time deep learning

The manufacturer promises the following features regarding the integration of AMD Noise Suppression into the Adrenalin graphics driver:

AMD Noise Canceling System
  • Intelligent Audio Enhancement
  • Powered by a real-time deep learning algorithm
  • Works across many apps and games
  • Two-way noise reduction
  • Input and Output


Uploading on the official AMD YouTube channel ensures the authenticity of the video, and the quality, as AMD uploaded the video in 240p resolution, and that it should be an accidental upload. Via Reddit sub r / amd The video is still available.

AMD Noise Canceling System

Under the title “Elevate your audio experienceAMD promises an AI sound enhancerClear the brittle field of communication.

As with the Nvidia RTX Voice, AMD Suppression also takes advantage of intelligent noise cancellation, not only for business conference calls, for example via Skype or Zoom, but also for online streaming and gaming. Which clearly speaks to the implementation of the feature in the driver.

Unknown release

It remains to be seen if AMD will release HD video in the near future or if the announcement was simply made too soon. At the end of the short trailer she says,AMD Software Adrenalin Edition” And the “Available now!Which is why incorporating the feature into one of the following versions of the graphics driver is definitely an option.

AMD Noise Canceling System
AMD Noise Canceling System

The editors would like to thank community member “konkretor” for pointing this out.