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Alex Frey’s comments caused a stir in Basel

“The problems will be solved now.”

Bayern coach Alex Frei threatens the losing side Sion

After the defeat at Sion, the Bayern coach himself stabbed the hornet’s nest. A statement opens the door to speculation.


After Sion’s bankruptcy, Alex Fry indirectly addressed his team at the media conference.

Sebastian Wendell and Stephen Kress

While locals bask in Balotelli’s noise, Alex Frei is upset after defeating FCB 2-1 in Sion. More: Furious Free! He describes the first half as “disastrous”, with red and blue not putting one foot in front of the other. The defeat was “definitely deserved” because you were clearly worse than your opponent.

Then on Saturday evening in the media room at the Tourbillon stadium, the coach indirectly spoke to his team, who were meanwhile preparing for the long drive home: “We’ve known our problems since the beginning of the season. Now it’s time to address and solve them.” Nothing more threatening than Frei tightening his fist from now on.