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Alex Frei comments on the friendly defeat to FCZ-U21

Alex Frei comments on the friendly defeat to FCZ-U21

FC Aarau embarrassed themselves against FCZ U21s after losing 2:4 in the friendly match. asks coach Alex Frei about the disaster.

Alex Frey, FC Aarau coach. (Archive photo) – Cornerstone

The basics in a nutshell

  • Aarau embarrassed themselves in a friendly match against FC Zurich's under-21 side.
  • The Challenge League team suffered a 2:4 defeat to the Promotion League team.
  • Coach Alex Fry: “For me it's about how the players approach the game.”

FC Aarau lost the friendly match to FCZ 2:4 – but not to the professionals. Because of the rigorous training camp, the Zurich team competed on Tuesday with the under-21 team. However, the Challenge League team was unable to avoid defeat.

In just over a week, FCA will begin the second half of the season. spoke to coach Alex Frei about the friendly defeat. Alex Frey – Were you angry after the defeat to Zurich U21s?

Alex Fry: I didn't get angry or anything. I simply explained that the mentality against Basel was different than against FCZ U21s. I criticized that, nothing else. Sure, test games are test games – but they still deliver some results.

FCZ U21s tricked FC Aarau in the friendly match. – FC Aarau Didn't you raise your voice after defeat?

Alex Fry: No, that is not true. Were you frustrated?

Alex Fry: Naturally. I think the Basel game gave a certain amount of confidence. Knowing that Bayern gave perhaps ten percent less against Aarau after the draw against Bayern.

Opinion poll

Will Aarau return to success under Alex Frey?

Then you play against a team that looks small, and for me it was just a test of character. It's about how the players approach the game and prepare for the game. I don't agree with that. After the Basel match, did you think trees would grow in the sky again?

Alex Fry: No, we had a lot of setbacks in the preliminary round for that. However, the learning effect is not taking effect as quickly as I would like.

Alex Frei has been coach of FC Aarau since the summer. – Corner stone To some extent, the trial matches mirror FC Aarau's preliminary round – everything from high to low is included.

Alex Fry: We in the coaching staff and the club are doing everything we can to ensure that this changes in the second half of the season. But if you want to address the matter clearly, you have to say: Yes, both matches, Basel and Zurich, were reflections of the preliminary round. You can't deny that.

Alex Fry: “I'm still optimistic” What kind of words would you choose regarding the first game of the second half of the season – carrot or stick?

Alex Fry: Now it's about conversations, training intensity and doing what you want. It's not a matter of carrots or sticks at all (laughs). So you're still optimistic for the second half of the season?

Alex Fry: I am always positive because we do everything for this.

FC Aarau will start their spring football on Friday against eighth-placed FC Vaduz.