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After rumors of an affair and cheating: Crown Princess Mary is enjoying a solo holiday in Australia

After rumors of an affair and cheating: Crown Princess Mary is enjoying a solo holiday in Australia

Family Activity in Australia

The new photo shows Crown Princess Mary looking completely carefree. Along with Vincent and Josephine, he climbed the 134m high Sydney Harbor Bridge. Even if the family is incomplete, it should be recorded for the family album.

Is Mary running?

The Christmas season and the weeks leading up to the Valentine's Day are actually considered a contemplative family time. The Danes were very surprised that Mary was now traveling to Australia. Did the crown princess leave the country because of her husband's affair rumours?

Palace calms the mind

Does this step prove that there really is a problem between Frederick and Mary? “Not directly, because like the farm opposite”Billet bladed“The trip had been planned for a long time. In addition, Frederick and daughter Isabella would arrive later.

And the family is said to be reunited now. Mary traveled to New Zealand with the twins. Crown Prince Frederik is also said to have now joined his family. He traveled with Princess Isabella, as shown in pictures obtained by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Only Prince Christian stays at home because he has to go to school. The family will again spend Christmas with Queen Margrethe at Marselisborg Castle in Aarhus.

So is all good or is good the face of evil?

Cheating rumors rock the Danish royal family

No wonder Frederick and Mary certainly like to celebrate family silliness. The headlines lately have been sobering. Specific Allegation: Crown Prince Frederick allegedly cheated.

At the end of October, photos appeared in Madrid with the beautiful Genoveva Casanova by his side. His wife Mary was in America at the time.

A clumsy denial from the palace fueled the rumours. After all, the alleged lover provided the reason for the meeting — and is taking legal action against the speech.