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America: Croci was waiting for him

America: Croci was waiting for him

A family in America got a bit of a shock on Christmas. Six-year-old Casper was on vacation with his grandmother in Fort Myers, Florida. But instead the boy ended up in Orlando, 260 kilometers away!

It was little Casper's first flight – and completely alone. His family took him to the airport in Philadelphia. However, the airline boarded him on the wrong flight.

Seeing the absence of her grandson, the grandmother immediately contacted the flight staff. “They told me, 'No, he's not on this flight. He missed his flight,'” she says with a “wink.”

“I said no, he couldn't have missed his flight because I had the check-in badge.”

And: “I ran into the flight attendant inside the plane and asked her: 'Where's my grandson? Was he given to you in Philadelphia?' She said, 'No, I don't have any children with me.

It was one of the scariest moments she had ever experienced. A moment later there was a great relief: Casper landed in Orlando. The grandmother then drove four hours to pick up her grandson.

The affected airline, Spirits, offered to cover the travel expenses. But the angry grandmother demands an explanation instead.

“You need to call me. Let me know how my grandson ended up in Orlando. How did it happen? Did he get kicked off the plane? Did the flight attendant — after mom gave him the papers — let him go alone? Did he jump on the wrong plane by himself?”

When asked by “CNN”, the airline did not yet have an explanation ready, but apologized for the glitch. “We take the safety and responsibility of transporting all of our guests seriously and are conducting an internal investigation. We apologize to the family for this experience,” it said.