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Afghan dogs and albaca geronimo

The official killing of Albacca and the expulsion of dogs and cats from Kabul shook the British public. Pets and animal welfare have a long tradition in Great Britain, which is why the government now wants to tighten Brexit animal welfare laws.

One of the animals that flew to London on a last-minute charter flight was a dog named Chelsea.

Ben Birchhal / BA / Getty

As for the animals, British Afghan player Paul (known as Ben) stops forting fun. The elite soldier of the Royal Marines once served his homeland and the Queen of Her Majesty. Today he is at least fighting resolutely for the well-being of those cats and dogs that need protection, for which he has an animal shelter in Afghanistan and after he left the military service Charity Foundation Set up. After coming to power, he feared that the Taliban might attack not only his 24 staff, but also his four-legged friends for religious and political reasons, which is why he refused to leave the country without approximately 200 cats and dogs.