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“99 Flake”: Why Britain Exits Chocolate Bars

Thanks to the rapid vaccination campaign, all hardships for the British were over. All privatizations? No: There is bad news for all soft ice cream lovers in the UK.

British manufacturer Cadbury’s famous “99 Flake” chocolate bars are becoming rare. “Flakes” are traditionally served with soft ice cream. Cadbury’s parent company, Monteles, recently confirmed to the Irish Times that demand had increased unexpectedly.

The disruption caused a stir on social media. “Didn’t we suffer enough?” Asked one user. Others joked that “summer is as good as canceled”. Satire accountant Larry The Gate tweeted Monday evening: “Ending the lock is not worth it.”

Mondels assured that the company was flat to solve the problem.

Name of obscure origin

The deficit apparently had nothing to do with the Brexit-induced trade turmoil. A Guardian quoted a Montessori spokesman as saying they did not expect the request to be taken quickly. One problem: ice cream is a kind of “flakes” for Sundays that are a personalized product and smaller than the chocolate bars that are sold to consumers in supermarkets.

They are not just near Dublin Ireland, But inside Egypt, Outside the capital Cairo. Obviously, this makes it harder to increase stuff quickly.

So British soft ice cream fans are already discussing alternatives on social media like the use of social kinder ponos. Others are jokingly calling for mass protests against the biscuit shortage – albeit inside England The weather is not currently calling for ice cream.

The exact origin of the name of the famous candy is not clear. Many Britons believe the pricing for the “99” in the name. There is also speculation that this may be the first home number produced by “Flakes”.

Apparently this is very clever for the manufacturer: Mondelஸ்s spreads the myth that this figure goes to “99 guards of the Italian king” – and that it represents elegant quality.

It’s not clear how far this goes with soft ice cream.