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Helen Cruiser of Frankfurt GC wins in the United States

Helen Cruiser, a national player at the Frankfurt Golf Club, won the Division 2 “Nationals” award at DBC, Michigan, thus making her overall With six wins before He crowned a successful career as an American college golfer.

Frankfurt GC’s Bundesliga athlete delivered rounds with 71, 71 and 68 strokes in the big season final. With a total of six points, the 22-year-old had two more strokes than the first follower.

It was exciting until the last hole, because here Helen Cruiser put her approach on the stick from 165 meters to one and a half meters and confidently stabbed, thus winning and winning the title.

Helen Cruiser: “The last few years of training and focus have paid off”

The Frankfurt resident was overjoyed at the moment of great success: “The title makes a lot of sense to me now that every athlete in the college who coached for the national championship has now paid the last four years of training and attention.” The school is in the process of qualifying for the LPGA Tour for the Championship in the United States in August.

Considering Helen Cruiser’s continued good performance, women’s national coach Stephen Morales gets an almost dreamy look: “Since I got to know Helen, she has been working diligently, diligently and attentively. So I am not surprised by such successes. It is approaching the explosion of its full potential. “

(Text: Frankfurt Golf Club)