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Barcelona gewinnt bei Alaves

90 Plus | Barcelona narrowly beat Alaves

news | In the 22nd round, Barcelona had to go to Deportivo Alaves after two disappointing defeats in the cup competition. In a quiet match, Barcelona managed a deserved 1-0 win in action with a late goal.

Lots of lag, few highlights

The first half was in control. Barcelona tried to establish hegemony from the beginning and to obtain increased opportunities from the outside centers. The wings usually fade, so it took a quarter of an hour before that Luke de Jong He managed to take the first shot on goal. On the other hand, Alaves tried to spread the danger with quick counter-attacks, but the home side barely managed to do so in the first half as well.

Half an hour later there was a second chance, more or less important, for the Catalans. Alaves’ turbulence in the penalty area from a corner left the defenders almost firing a shot into their own goal – and it looked like Barca’s best chance to date came from a player in the blue and white shirt.

(Photo by Ander Jelenia/AFP via Getty Images)

With the whistle at the end of the first half, Alaves showed that he is really dangerous in front of goal for the first time. After winning the ball on the midfield, the hosts rushed towards the opponent’s penalty area, Berry Bones But he pushed the ball from close range into the arms of goalkeeper Ter Stegen. Accordingly, I finally went aimlessly and calmly to the cabins.

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The less eventful first half meets Lucky Bunch from FC Barcelona

The second half started more intensely and lively than the first. But the opportunities remained scarce. Although Barcelona managed to keep Alaves out of their net and barely lost the ball that could lead to a counter-attack, the numerous passes were also so harmless that the fans did not cheer at all.

That jubilation almost took effect in the 63rd minute. He was caught again after a free kick near the touchline Luke de Jong The game with the toe. However, he could not give the ball a decisive change of direction, so that Gere fell into place on goal and Pacheco managed to dodge the ball. Pique missed the potential margin, skillfully bypassing the ball.

Fifteen minutes later, the Alaves attackers were doing just that Gusillo He could become an acclaimed player. The striker headed his head under pressure from a cross from nearly eight metres, hit the ball in full, but never scored – and the Spaniard usually does this in his sleep.

In the eighty-eighth, the Catalans were finally allowed to celebrate. Jordi Alba He surrounded – from half the field – the ball with his weak right foot on the second post, and put it there Ferran Torres skillfully cross the ball and Frenkie de Jong Playing equipment was allowed to be pushed into the empty goal from a few meters away. After a short VAR check due to a potential offside situation, it was finally clear that Barcelona had probably hit the lucky punch here. A few seconds before the final whistle, Alaves advanced in front of Ter Stegen’s goal again, but was unable to defeat again.

Again, it wasn’t a great performance from FC Barcelona, ​​but with a great attack just before the end you can still do it deserved victory drive in

(Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Ars/Getty Images)