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30:45 at the Colts - After the quarterback drama!  New York Jets GoDown - American Football

30:45 at the Colts – After the quarterback drama! New York Jets GoDown – American Football

Dramatic New York Jets!

After Zach Wilson (22/missed the last game), first quarterback, second quarterback Mike White (26), was injured early in the NFL “Monday Night” game. Josh Johnson (35), the third quarterback, should step in — and he can’t prevent a heavy defeat at the Indianapolis Colts. 30:45!

The Colts now have four wins and five losses, the two planes won twice and six bankruptcies.

The beginning of the dream for the ponies! Nihem Hines ran back with the egg – he even ran into teammate Ryan Kelly. But this cannot stop him. We continue towards the end zone. drop! Plus an extra point. 7: 0!

Then White, who nicely replaced Wilson in the previous game, hits! His passport travels to Elijah Moore. Drop, extra point. 7: 7.

Oh no! White should be treated on the outside line. A bandage is placed on his wrist. It would be a heavy blow for the Jets if playmaker Zach Wilson (knee injury) White also goes out.

dramatic: White grimaced in pain during throwing exercises.

As the planes shiver in search of white, the ponies run the next landing! Jonathan Taylor walks towards the end zone. The egg also sails to the extra point between the bars. 14:7!

Then surely: White can no longer! Josh Johnson, the third quarterback, should enter. Dramatic…

Johnson fell to the ground on his second move. Then the third action succeeds – with a trick game. Shortly thereafter, the egg disappeared after a strong defense of the ponies.

Now there are strikes of planes! Jack Doyle pounds to the next landing! Even the kick is correct. 21:7!

Field target makes planes up to 10:21.

Then the ponies again! Watch out for Michael Bateman. Captured! But the scene is a bit unclear. The video referee intervenes – and decides when to land! With kick now 28:10.

By the way, White still stands on the sidelines in full force. In a frustrated expression.

And the wild ride continues! Pass by Danny Pinter in the end zone – the next Colts touchdown. The boy is completely free! With a kick, the hosts extended their lead to 35:10.

It’s getting tougher for planes! Jonathan Taylor runs a 78-yard touchdown. kick plus. 42:10!

Cosmetic results for planes! Drop by Elijah Moore. Instead of the kick, there is a two-point conversion. But it does not work! 16:42 from New York’s point of view. Ryan Griffin adds another touchdown. With the kick now at 23:42 only.

With a field goal, the Colts expand their lead to 45:23.

As for the planes, Ty Johnson jumps to the finish zone. Kick inside too. Only 30:45 left. Just because the ponies are already on their mind at the end of the day…


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