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Zurich is in a consumer frenzy – inside Paradeplatz

Zurich is in a consumer frenzy – inside Paradeplatz

Of course, I haven’t finished my Christmas trip yet. We’ll also be shopping for a few hundred francs worth of gifts tomorrow and the next day.

We have long exceeded the Swiss target of 290 francs by a significant margin.

Happy birthday in the richest city in the world. The offer in Zurich is very good, which is why the number plates of the wealthy Schwyz and Zug cannot be overlooked.

They drive cooler cars than the residents of Zurich, who have long been humiliated by their city bike board.

There are many who cannot keep up with this rush. They blame it as consumerism.

They feel penetrated by prosperity demonstrators who think not about the climate, but about the wealthy consumerism of the few.

They scratch the SUVs of those coming from abroad. They let the air out of the tires of those who were poorer than him.

Money, money, money makes the world go round.

And in Zurich’s Paradeplatz, where the old Swiss credit institution has just collapsed, the Mandarin Savoy en Ville opens its doors before Christmas.

One night from 1200.00 CHF.

This is the new definition of life in the city. Trams and SBB are also becoming more expensive.

If you can’t keep up, you can live in Aargau, Thurgau, or Glarner Land.

Individual failure, in self-defense, is declared as economic failure, as political failure.

We are the poor, where do you get the right to prosperity and wealth?

Parties remain silent about consumer madness. Better here, at Dinner and Cobb, than across the border, where everything is cheaper.

Overwork for many leads to distrust and worldviews that no longer correspond to reality.

The increase in vision is hallucinations.

Rich people like Alfred Gantner or Christoph Blocher started buying politics.

In keeping with the slogan: “The people rule, but we tell the people how to rule.”

Happy birthday to everyone who avoids reality for 24 hours.

Who suggest to their children an ideal world in which there is no ideal world.

I know the faces of the elderly, the rich and the poor. Her eyes are full of distrust, and her life is full of disappointments. What else do you want from me?

E. Y. Mayer, a Burney native of Baseland, has been a popular author throughout Europe for 60 years. Today the world owns it, but the youth have forgotten it.

Many people like him. Youth today is fashion, not age.

The Indians say: Durga’s wheel is sacred. Anyone who throws himself in front of her bike will immediately enter heaven.

Bodies are lying below, and a laughing saint is on top of the bike, surrounded by a drunken honor guard.

Swiss guard?

Politicians are afraid of populists. If the people get angry, all politics is lost.

The right is storming Germany, the Netherlands, Eastern Europe and Switzerland.

Where will this lead?

Bertolt Brecht wrote, and it is more important than ever: “First comes food, then morals.”

In Switzerland we don’t eat; We are vegetarians. That is why we do not like carnivorous peoples on our borders.

Merry Christmas, though, everyone.