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'You have nothing to report': Cowlitz twins verbally attack Thomas Gottschalk

'You have nothing to report': Cowlitz twins verbally attack Thomas Gottschalk

In 2019, their relationship seemed to be going well: at that time, Heidi Klum, Bill and Tom Kaulitz and their bandmates Gustav Schiffer and Georg Listing appeared together with Tyra Banks and Thomas Gottschalk on the TV show “Germany's Next Top Model”.

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Despite leaving “Witten Das..?” Thomas Gottschalk doesn't want to disappear from the scene. After criticizing Bill and Tom Kaulitz on his podcast, the two musicians have now responded verbally.

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  • In December 2023, Thomas Gottschalk made it clear on his podcast that he did not believe Bill and Tom Kaulitz were suitable to succeed “Whitten, das..?”.
  • Weeks after the humiliating attack, the two musicians at the Tokyo hotel began to respond verbally.
  • “You didn't invent the show. You're a presenter, and ZDF hired you to run this show. This is not your show. You don't have anything to report on,” Bill Kaulitz explains on the Cowlitz Hills podcast.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz wouldn't let something like this sit with them: Last December, Thomas Gottschalk had twins at his house “The Supernoses” podcastwhich he runs with Mike Krueger, are described as “Heidi Klum's adopted children.”

Now the Tokio Hotel musicians are making their way into their bands “Cowlitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood” Podcast Funny about Gottschalk's comments.

Will he leave the host of “Wetten,dass..?” Previous This slide? it's improbably.

Thomas Gottschalk: “ZDF is not holding any discussions”

But let's start at the beginning: Tom and Bill joked at an awards show a few weeks ago that they were the hosts of “Wetten, dass…?” He will take over.

A circumstance which Thomas Gottschalk apparently did not understand at all. The 73-year-old said a little later on his podcast “Die Supernasen” that he had already asked ZDF if this was really the case.

And further: “The station has no conversations, neither with Kaulitz, nor with that, nor with Heidi Klum.”

Tom Kaulitz: “ZDF doesn't care about Gottschalk”

As expected, this sarcasm did not go unanswered for long. In the latest episode of their podcast, the Kaulitz twins have now responded verbally.

“Thomas Gottschalk uses a new medium like podcasting? “But he's always so annoyed by all the new ways of communicating,” says Tom Kaulitz.

And further: “Now he has the feeling that he can connect with the ZDF. As if they care what he likes and who his successor will be. They don't care.”

Bill Kaulitz: “You have nothing to report.”

Thomas Gottschalk also accused the twins of only reading from the prompt on television. Bill Kaulitz counters this point with a sarcastic comment: “We only went to school until eighth grade—how are we supposed to read from the teacher?”

Next, Tom Kaulitz explains: “You know what I think is cool? That Thomas Gottschalk still feels called to see what happens now with “Wetten, dass..?”.

His brother Bill could only agree and explain: “Thomas Gottschalk, you did not invent the show. You are a presenter, and ZDF hired you to run this show. This is not your show. You have nothing to report.”

The sequel follows. Or Mr. Gottschalk?

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