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YB before the cup final – still hungry: in Bern they thirst for dual sport

YB before the cup final – still hungry: in Bern they thirst for dual sport


Although he got the championship early, YB still didn’t want to rest. The first is to win the cup.

On White Monday, young boys were allowed to lift the championship trophy, but they couldn’t celebrate for long. Because the highlight of the season will be on Sunday: the cup final in Wankdorf against Lugano. The champions have the chance to get the double for the third time in the club’s history after 1958 and 2020. On the other hand, the atmosphere prevailing in the Bern camp is good.

Especially in the second half of the season, they defended hard and almost beat a man’s defense. It’s not very interesting and you have to find other solutions

“Since we have definitely had the championship for some time now, we are especially looking forward to the cup final. We definitely want to get the title,” says Fabian Ridder. Fellow defender Cedric Zeissiger also wants to make his last game at YB (he will move to Wolfsburg next season) a success. We can crown our season.

YB recently struggled against Lugano

But with Lugano, you will find an opponent who has had a lot of trouble, especially in the second half of the season. While YB was able to win two league matches clearly in the first half of the season (4:0 and 4:1), there was a 1:1 in February and a 0:2 defeat in the second to last round of the season. Premier League.

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You can follow the cup final on Sunday from 1:30pm live on SRF Zwei and here in live with tape.

So last year’s cup winner knows how to beat the champion. What makes Ticino so powerful? “Logano is a very agile team in possession. Especially in the second half of the season they defended hard and almost man-defended. It’s not very interesting and you have to find other solutions,” said YB coach Rafael Wiki.

Wicky leaves the final stats cold

A look in the history books should give Bernese people food for thought. In the 15 cup finals so far, YB has won 7 times. In four cup finals since the turn of the millennium, the Bernese have only managed to win the title once (2020). But Wicky doesn’t want to know anything about the cup’s vulnerability: “These are statistics from the last few years. This may be interesting to the media and fans, but for me as a coach, it’s irrelevant.”

Zeissiger also left the last cup history cold, because: “We won the only cup final I played here. But it clearly needs a strong performance against Lugano. We have to keep the intensity high.”

There is no party after receiving the trophy

For Reeder, his team plays to the fact that there was no celebration after the trophy was handed over: “Above all, it was an intimate evening.” Coach Wiki, meanwhile, does not expect the spotlight to play: “The finals are not the best matches. There is often a lot of tension and nervousness in these games, and tactics dominate.”

And the Valaisian player does not want to be deceived by the importance of this match: “Winning the cup or losing in the final will not define my work here. Either way, we played a great season.” Still, Wicky is a fighter: “Obviously this is a final game and we want to win it.”