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X wants to use its users’ data for AI training

X wants to use its users’ data for AI training

Elon Musk, President of X (formerly Twitter).Image: Cornerstone

New data protection guidelines will come into effect on the X platform (formerly Twitter) at the end of September. The AI ​​must then train on the user’s data.

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As of September 29, X has new data protection guidelines. Users can now see what the company will use their data in the future. In the future, the company wants to use user-generated content to train AI models and machine learning techniques.

It is not clear from the Interim Data Protection Guidelines exactly why the data is being collected. The SMS service will likely use User Content obtained in this way Provide your own artificial intelligence. Since Twitter has been around since 2006, the company can rely on a huge range of data.

Elon Musk stated briefly on X that this is public data, “and there are no direct messages or anything private.”

Musk’s heart changed

In April, Musk called for a halt to AI developments in an open letter. However, data from X users can now benefit his newly founded company xAI.

Machine learning describes part of the development of artificial intelligence. Algorithms are trained using data sets to recognize patterns in large data sets, evaluate them, and make predictions based on this data. The more data AI is fed, the more accurately it works and makes predictions.

More changes planned

The service also announces that it will also use biometric information in the future. If users give their consent, X can collect and use the data for “security and identification purposes.”

Recently published data protection guidelines are sometimes worded too roughly. The Research section can be found under How We Use Data. This simply states that X uses user data for research, surveys, product testing, and error handling.

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