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Poll: What improvements would guests like from the airport?

Poll: What improvements would guests like from the airport?

Airports can be places of relaxation but also places of stress. What do travelers think should be improved at airports?

The new head of Zurich Airport has set himself a goal. Lukas Brosi wants to make sure that it is once again enough to stand at check-in an hour before a European flight and an hour and a half before an intercontinental flight. This means that he is knocking on open doors for travelers. This is shown by a representative survey conducted by the booking portal Booking.

45% of those surveyed want faster security checks. This is clearly the most frequently mentioned desire for airport improvements. Thirty-six percent of the 7,299 people who participated in the survey who had previously traveled or departed from Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and the USA reported shorter queues.

Better WiFi, more charging stations

Guests also frequently mention wanting cheaper parking (43 percent) and free water (40 percent). Sleeping options (28 percent), more seating (27 percent), better mobile reception or WiFi (26 percent) and more charging stations (24 percent) were mentioned less frequently, but more often, as points for improvement.

In recent decades, airports have increasingly transformed from functional buildings into temples of consumption. It appears that a saturation point has been reached here. Only 10% of travelers surveyed would like more shops at the airport and only 14% would like more restaurants.