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Woman dies due to lip injections – a widower claims

Woman dies due to lip injections – a widower claims

A young woman died in Austria after a failed lip injection. Doctors did not realize how serious the 28-year-old girl’s condition was and sent her home several times. Now the lawyer is fighting for the rights of the widower and his nine-year-old daughter.

The family describes shocking details to the Kronen Zeitung newspaper: The patient suffers from severe headaches after the plastic surgery. But even though her lymph nodes were noticeably larger, she was sent home repeatedly, even after several hospital visits.

Dilber’s husband and mother begged doctors more than once to admit the 28-year-old to the hospital. During her stay in the hospital, the mother reported that her daughter’s levels of inflammation were high. One of the doctors shouted: Are you the doctor or am I the doctor? “I’m diagnosing here.”

The family’s lawyer, Sascha Flatz, is demanding grief compensation in a request letter to the Vienna Health Association. He also demands that the association cover the funeral costs in addition to compensation for the widower and his daughter. If the health association does not comply, it plans to file a lawsuit “through civil law.”

Before taking further steps, you must wait for the autopsy results. Dilber’s mother said this process could take up to eight weeks. She and the widower Murad are certain: “If Dilber is treated properly, he will remain alive one hundred percent.”

The Health Association confirmed to “Cron” that the patient visited the clinic several times. The 28-year-old was finally admitted to hospital on October 17. She died just two days later.