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Will there be space for a pump track in the next Belp construction phase?

Will there be space for a pump track in the next Belp construction phase?

Pump Path for Belp: This is an app that is currently in a directory and on the minds of your city council. Belp will change a lot over the next 10 years. The pump track would be an element, in addition to the residential towers, underground parking entrances and the compulsory neighborhood playground, it would also bring other things to the village: joy after work, desire to discover, new friends, sense of balance, safe driving, social meeting point: fun for the world All village.

Thierachern, on the tank runway under the street «Mülimatt» (click to enlarge.)

The pump track is a bike / scooter / snowboard lane built into waves, hills, and curved curves. Everything has rollers and wheels and is driven without a motor that rolls onto a pump track. Small, big, younger, older, with bike or scooter, with skateboard or bike-like, with inline skates or roller skates. Everyone has fun, finds an athletic challenge, learns to drive their gadgets safely, and coaches balance, self-confidence, considerations, and a sense of passage.
Those who do a little bit of training will also find “the flow”: With load / lightening and weight shifting, you can roll endlessly on the pump track without pedal rotation / zero-foot propulsion (on the scooter). And with more practice, you can learn small and large jumps in the air. Motor skills, balance, fitness and fun. The counter program would be: sticking to a smartphone for hours.

Thierarchers’ infusion path, also popular in winter.
Thierachern: Part of the track dedicated to the very young.

The pump track is always a social meeting place. It is a significant increase in the quality of life and benefits Belp’s children, youth and families. And also for Grossätti, who finally knows what to offer the granddaughter (motorbike with a pump) and where to spend time with it.

Meanwhile, a pumping path was built into the surrounding communities – and the population was “conquered”. So in Thierachern, Oberried / Köniz, Hinterkappelen, Walkringen or Adelboden.

Registration information in Thierachern: Click to enlarge.

IG Pumptrack Belp about architect Belper Markus Graber (and where there is also a writer from Bä asked the local council to examine the possibility of a pumping path in the new Mühlematt school building project. That was not possible there, that was the first answer. But the idea will carry over. According to local consultant Stefan Neuenschwander, the Property, Entertainment and Sports Committee discussed the matter in the manner of approval, and now the file is awaiting for it to be discussed in more depth in the local council.

Open questions are the location of such a system and the funding for its maintenance. Regarding planning and construction financing, IG Pumptrack writes: “Examples from elsewhere show that the municipality has to incur little or no costs to build the pump track. The public, companies, institutions and individuals are currently very enthusiastic about such projects. Willing to take care of planning, advertising, financial support and implementation. The construction of the Belper pump track will be cost-neutral to the community. But we are proposing to hand over the system to the municipality after its implementation and keep it operational. ”

The local council rejected the initiators’ first proposal to incorporate the pump track into the new Mühlematt School complex. They are currently seeing the biggest opportunities for laying the pump track in the decentralized entertainment district near Giessenbad. Initiators tend to prefer a central location. Graber: “The pumping path exists for life in the village, just like the stadiums. It makes more sense in a central location. We are already seeing potential, a pumping path. I am To have a village. “

The file is now in a drawer with the municipality. When it comes to local council is unclear. The community has a lot to do with a Local Planning Review (OPR) in these months. A vote on this review is scheduled for the fall. One hears that recent public information from the community did not trigger what the community wanted (clarification, positive feedback), but the opposite (criticism, many objections, yet unknown counter-committee, questions of principle).

In municipal OPR files, the pump path is not a top priority, this is understandable. “Although you might see it differently: Install the pump track in one of the construction projects that will be undertaken in Belp over the next few years – right Now It would be a good moment for that, ”says Graber.

With this article, Bä launches the idea of ​​the Belper pump track in public.
What do you think of this idea? Enter a comment (also very short) in the form field below. Good idea or not? Central location or not central?

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