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Cold sheep or summer start? How long does it stay warm in Germany – meteorologist

Next week will finally bring Germany with warm summer weather. He will stay with us for at least a week. It actually starts at the weekend. Hoch Waltraud straightens and initially brings out showers and rain. Maximum values ​​go up to 20 degrees or slightly higher. It will be a nice weekend with little chance of rain in the eastern parts of the country.

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A 30-degree wave is coming next week

But at the beginning of next week, southwesterly or even southwesterly winds blow, and warm to warm air masses are coming from Spain and partly from North Africa to Germany. Temperatures are rising. The maximum values ​​on Mondays and Tuesdays on the Rhine are already 25 degrees or more and the warm air spreads slowly to Oder and Flensburg.

The 30-degree wave will come on Wednesday. Starting in the west, the maximum values ​​ u200b u200bare raised to 30 degrees. The region with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees moves further eastward on a daily basis. On Friday of next week you can get 30 degrees in Berlin. After that, it will be a little cooler again, but still on the summertime level.

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Is this summer really? No, this is more than an aperitif for the summer, because the chill of sheep is still waiting for us.

Cold sheep in June

Sheep hail is a meteorological uniqueness. These are the outliers that can be statistically verified for climatic conditions. Christmas melting is also a good example. Just before Christmas it gets warm and the snow melts, if there are already some. This happens over and over again. Not every year, but more often than not you have to think about it.

It is very similar to sheep cold. Sheep are usually shredded by mid-June, and when the weather gets cold, the animals can freeze. Today it is assumed that around June 10 to June 20 there could be another entry of cold air in Germany.

European summer monsoon

The great difference in temperature between sea and land at this time is often used as an attempt to explain this. It gets very hot over land while the sea water is still relatively cold. This could lead to a monsoon-like effect in Europe and the winds again shift in northwesterly directions. This is also called the European summer monsoon, but its strength, for example, cannot be compared to the Indian monsoons.

So the probability of another cold season emerging in June is high.

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Taste of summer

First of all, a summer week is approaching us, which can be replaced by the cold of sheep. After that, we have already reached mid-June and the sun has reached its highest point. Unfortunately the days are getting shorter again. Summer weather pattern will emerge from the end of June. This is why the Dormouse Rule comes into effect and then Dog Days – both are also meteorological singularities.

The coolness of sheep can also be seen in weather models. Concretely, this means that next week will be summer, but this summer is not yet finally to come. It is still only an introduction to Mac.

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  • A large warm air bubble is on its way to Central Europe next week. 30 degrees is also possible with us. The weather models essentially dovetail, but there are still so-called outliers. This leads to very erratic forecasts in weather apps.